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file/2017-04-01/1491009562_4e7d689277/1491009562_4e7d689277 The MyZone Worker Alert System is Now Available in the US

The MyZone Worker Alert System is Now Available in the US

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A major step forward in hazard safety management.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reviewed 962 fatal workplace injuries at road construction sites from 2003 to 2010 and found that 443 were due to a worker being struck by a vehicle or mobile equipment.

MyZone US LLC is proud to introduce the MyZone (TM) Worker Alert System to the US market. The MyZone Worker Alert System is an autonomous proximity warning system designed to alert workers to approaching machinery and other dangers in their work areas with 360º exposure.

MyZone reduces accidents in and around any hazardous work zone giving ownership of personal safety back to the individual. Using a small receiver attached to a hardhat or waistband, workers receive vibrating alerts indicating a nearby hazard. Awareness of a moving or stationary hazard allows workers to take action and avoid accidents. MyZone is especially effective in congested, low visibility, or noisy work areas where mandatory ear protection is required.

“We are thrilled to bring this revolutionary safety awareness product to the US market,” says Amber Richards, CEO of MyZone US. “We are motivated to reduce the number of work-related injuries and deaths by offering a cost-effective, scalable solution to achieve best practices in safety standards.”

The MyZone Worker Alert System intelligently monitors multiple individual hazards and provides warnings for each, addressing blind spots, hidden threats, and other obstacles.

The MyZone Worker Alert System configures to a variety of work zones with alert thresholds ranging from 10 to 30 feet. MyZone is ideal for noisy environments as the discreet vibrating buzzer only alerts the individual wearer. MyZone is solely designed for personal awareness. No other data is collected nor is there feedback to management.

“MZUK is delighted to partner with Amber Richards and the MyZone US team to build on the success of our range of products by introducing the innovative, award winning MyZone Worker Alert System to pan-industrial markets across the USA,” states John Riehl, CEO of MZUK Limited. “This simple, yet effective product will help US workers arrive home safely every day from work.”

The MyZone Worker Alert System will be highlighted at the 2017 West Virginia Construction and Design Exposition on March 22-23.

MyZone - because even one accident is one too many.

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